Yanbian University (延边大学) is located in Yanji City, the capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province. It is also known as the “Land of Education” and is a national "double-top quality" constructed university.  It is China’s “211 project" focus on the construction of universities and the western development. The National Civil Affairs Commission, the Jilin Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Education jointly focus on supporting the construction of universities.

The University was founded in 1949 and was one of the earliest universities established by the Communist Party of China in ethnic minority areas. The University has wide range of disciplines covering several domains. It also has 20 Colleges, 75 Undergraduate Majors; 8 First-level Authorized Doctoral Degree Programs and  1 Second-level Authorized Doctoral Degree Program ;  31 First-level Authorized Master's Degree Program and 5 Second-level Authorized Disciplines;  18 Master's Degree authorization points, 4 Post-Doctoral Research Mobility  Stations and 1 Post-Doctoral Research station. In 2017, the Foreign Chinese Institute of literature was selected as the national "double-top quality" construction discipline. Also, Yanbian University was recognized as one of the national key disciplines. The University was 4th rank colleges and universities of "top priority" and rank 12 in provincial advantages of key construction academic disciplines in Jilin Province.  In the construction of high-level academic Programs of Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province in "13th Five-Year Plan” Yanbian University was approved and has been awarded as first-class academic discipline and with 15 emerging interdisciplinary subjects.

Faculty Members have strong academic discipline and reasonable echelon; it currently has 2,222 faculty members including 1,441 full-time teachers, 723 full-time teachers with Doctoral Degree, 612 with a Master's Degree and 790 have Deputy Senior Titles . More than 100 well-known expert teachers, emeritus professor, adjunct professor and visiting professor locally and abroad including Dr. Yang  Zhenning  were employed as honorary professors.

The University recruits from 31 Provinces, Municipalities, and Autonomous regions. Now it has 24,257 full-time students that include 4,201 Doctoral and Master's students, 18,823 undergraduates,  1,233 specialized major students and 428 International students from 29 countries.  There are 32 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education of Changbai Mountain Biological Resources, Functional Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base - North Korea and Korea Research Center, and all levels of scientific research institutions actively build the Tumen River Forum and Changbai Mountain Forum for two major international academic forum brands. In the past three years, it has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation Project, the Major Project of the National Social Science Fund, the Major Project of Philosophy and Social Science Research of the Ministry of Education, the Key Project of the National Social Science Fund, there was 195 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 372 projects at the provincial and departmental levels, and 28 international cooperation projects. There was 6311 academic papers published, of which 1,077 are the three major international scientific and technological literature search papers (SCI, EI, ISTP), 310 papers in SSCI, A-HCI, CSSCI journals, 66 scientific research awards and 91 patents.

The University adheres to its internationalization strategy and has established cooperation and exchange relationships with 467 institutions and research institutions or international academic organizations in 29 countries and 2 regions (Hong Kong, Taiwan). We have steadily developed the education of international students and obtained the qualification of "Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students in China" of the Ministry of Education. We strengthened the construction of the "Chinese Education Base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council" and set up the Yanbian University Center of the Northeast Chinese International Promotion Base and the Confucius Institute at Zhongbei University in Korea. It has established inter-university relations with the Russian Far East University, Meiji University of Japan, Seoul University in Korea, Kim Il Sung Comprehensive University of North Korea, Stockholm University in Sweden, University of Pittsburgh and other world-renowned universities, and has exchanged nearly a thousand experts and scholars each year.

In the future, Yanbian University will carry the responsibility of inheriting the national culture, promoting regional economic, social development and benefiting mankind adhering to the University’s Motto of "truth-seeking, being kind and integrating". Our University will be the finest school tradition of "hard work, pioneering and enterprising, inheriting culture, building up characters, national unity, co-teaching, widely communicates and multilateral cooperation”. Grasp the national "double-top quality" construction and Jilin Province "double-featured" construction of major opportunities to adhere the core position of talent training with first-class discipline construction as a university. It will always pay attention to innovation and development especially for quality development, characteristic development, and integration development. The University will deepen the educational reforms and teaching reforms, scientifically plan the blueprint for the university development, and strive TO BE High-Level University with First-class quality education. TO BE internationally renowned with distinctive features. This is "Yanda Dream"!