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  1. Age limit: 18 to 40, foreign citizens in good health

  2. High school diploma or higher education level

2.Required Documents
  1. Download and fill out《 延边大学来华留学申请表》(YBU international students application form for admission)

  2. Copy of certificate of highest academic degree or original copy, graduating students can provide expected graduation certificate

  3. Original copy of transcripts of highest academic degree

  4. Copy of HSK5Certificate or YBU Chinese test certificate, except major of Chinese language

  5. Copy of Passport and the household registration book

  6. 6 personal photos (passport photo- sized)

*Students who submit copy of highest academic degree certificate must take the original copy of certificate. All the application materials will not be returned.
3.Undergraduate Program(Duration of 4 years, Medicine majors is 5 years)
*marked specialties are popular among foreign students
Colleges Specialties Colleges Specialties
Economics & Management College Economics Science College Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
International Economy and Trade Statistics
Business Administration Geographical Science
Marketing Geographical Information and Science
Accounting Physics
Tourism Management Chemistry
Information Management and Information Systems Applied Chemistry
Law College Law Engineering College Machinery Engineering and Automation
Normal College Educational Technology Machinery Engineering and Automation
Education of Elementary School Electronic Information Engineering
Psychology Computer Science and Technology
Physical Education College Physical Education Digital Media Technology
Athletic Training Civil Engineering
Humanities and Social Science College Chinese Language and Literature Architecture
History Chemical Engineering and Technology
Sociology Agricultural College Agriculture
Korean Studies College Korean Language and Literature Gardening
Korean language Landscape Engineering
Chinese Language and Culture College Chinese Language Animal Science
International Chinese language education Animal Medicine
Foreign Languages College English Biological Technology
Russian Environment Science
Japanese Food Science and Engineering
Arts College Musicology Agricultural Economic Management
Composition and Theories of Composition Medicine College Preclinical Medicine
Musical Performance Necrology
Performance Oral Medicine
Dancing Arts Preventive Medicine
Fine Arts College Painting Traditional Chinese Medicine College Traditional Chinese Medicine
Fine Arts Pharmaceutical College Pharmacy
Artistic Design Nursing College Nursing
Fashion Design Politics and Public Administration College International Politics and Administrative Science
Environment Design Ideological and Political Education
Science and Technology College Chinese- Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, 14 Specialties
  1. First Semester (Fall Semester) from early September to late December or early January

  2. Second Semester (Spring Semester) from early March to late June or early July

5.Registration Period
  1. Register at Foreign Students Office in the end of August. Classes will start in early September (please refer to academic calendar)

  2. Applicants should consult Foreign Students Office 2 months in advance if admitted in March semester