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Check-in and Check-out Procedure

Check-in and Check-out Procedure

Students shall apply for residing at the Foreign Students Office, go to the dormitory administration office (Foreign Students Dormitory 2, Room 311) with the check-in form to pay 500RMB as deposit and get room key. For check-out, students should apply first at Foreign Students Office and take the check-out form to the dormitory administration office to return the key. Dormitory deposit will be returned if there is no damage to the dormitory and facilities. If there is any damage to the items in the room, the compensation amount will be deducted from the deposit according to the compensation standard

Dormitory Administration Office
  1. Location:Foreign Students Dormitory 2, Room 316, Tel: 243-6569

  2. Maintenance Office:Foreign Students Dormitory 2, Tel:243-3275

  3. Dormitory Administration Office is responsible for:
    Dormitory maintenance, bedding, sanitary inspection, Laundry card and entrance card application, collect dormitory deposit, security and etc