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Yanbian University is a comprehensive university endowed with distinct ethnic characteristics. Yanbian University through decades of unremitting efforts has been chosen as a key institution supported by the State“211Project”, a strongly backed university in China’s western development campaign, and a key university jointly supported by both the Ministry of Education and Jilin Province.

Founded in 1949, Yanbian University was one of the earliest founded universities by CPC in the ethnic minority region. Since then, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have paid close attention to its development, and many Party and State leaders, such as Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Hu Yaobang, Jiang Zemin, Jia Qinglin, Li Lanqing and Zhang Dejiang have successively inspected the university.

It consists of 21 colleges offering 73 undergraduate specialties under 12 disciplinary branches except military science, which contains 6 first level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree with more than 50 doctoral programs, 24 first level disciplines authorized to offer master degree with 149 master’s programs and 4 centers for post-doctoral studies. It has 1 key state-level disciplines and 12 key provincial-level disciplines.

The university has a faculty body of 2338, among whom there are about 1318 full time teachers, more than 789 full professors and associate professors. It has also engaged over 300 noted domestic and overseas scholars and experts as its honorary professors, part-time professors or guest professors, one of whom is Dr.Yang Chen Ning, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The university is recruiting students from 29 provinces and autonomous regions. Studying at 21 schools in the multicultural family are more than 23000 full-time students, including over 3700 doctoral candidates and postgraduates, about 18000 undergraduates, 800 college students and more than 600 international students from 34 countries.

In virtue of our university’s advantages, we provide international students with advantaged language learning environment and excellent living condition. Since Yanbian University is located at the capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Chinese and Korean are common in everyday speech, so most people living here are bilingual. For international students, especially for those from western countries, it is definitely a favourable environment for learning Chinese as well as a unique atmosphere for learning Korean according to students’ own interests. Therefore, international students can not only communicate in both Chinese and Korean with other students to exchange learning experience in campus, but also practice these two languages anytime, anywhere outside the campus. Such an advantaged academic environment will help students improve their levels of Chinese and Korean easily and quickly. Besides, in order to enrich international students’ leisure time, Yanbian University frequently holds kinds of activities and organizes students to visit and appreciate the famous natural sights in the Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, which is also regarded as China’s brilliant natural heritage. What’s more, Yanbian University is approved to accept “Chinese Government Scholarship” and “Confucius Institute Scholarships” students.

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