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Korean Language Program

  1. Age limit: 18 to 55, foreign citizens in good health

  2. High school diploma or higher education level

2.Required Documents
  1. Download and fill out《 延边大学来华留学申请表》(YBU international students application form for admission)

  2. Copy of Passport

  3. Copy of household registration book

  4. 6 personal photos (passport photo-sized)

*All the application materials will not be returned
Class Curriculum Text Books Total Credit Hours
Elementary Level(1st Semester)

Upper-Elementary Level(2nd Semester)

Intermediate Level(3rd Semester)

Advanced Level(4th Semester)

Optional Course

  1. Classes start twice a year: March (spring) and September (fall) semester

  2. Classes begin in early March and early September. The final exam and graduation ceremony will be held in 17th week of each semester

5.Registration Period
  1. Register at Foreign Students Office in late August or late February. Classes will start in early September or early March (please refer to academic calendar)

  2. Applicants should consult Foreign Students Office in advance if admitted in the middle of semester