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Service Guide

  1. Students Card:Student cards will be issued to new students in March or September. Students may receive it in the period from March 20th to 30th or from September 20th to 30th at Foreign Students Office (Reapplication for student card is 30RMB).

  2. Campus Card:Campus cards will be issued to new degree students every September. It can be used in student cafeteria, library and dormitory entrance guide system etc. (Reapplication for campus card is 50RMB).

  3. Library card:

  4. Entrance Card:Apply for entrance card at Dormitory Administration Office when check-in.

  5. Mailing Address:Student’s Name and cell phone number, Foreign Students Dormitory #, Room Number#, Yanbian University, No.977, Gongyuan Road, Yanji, Jilin, China, 133002