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Regulations on International Dormitory Management of YBU


In order to stick up for the regular system of international dormitory, create a good study environment, detailed criterion is constituted.


1. Student shall apply for residing at the Foreign Students Office (FSO). Go to the dormitory administration office (International dormitory No.2, Room 316) with the check-in form and pay 500rmb as deposit. After paying, students can get the key and live in the dormitory. When students check out, students should first apply for checking out at the FSO and take the check-out form to the dormitory administration office, return the key. The dormitory deposit money will be returned if there is no damage to the dormitory. If there is any damage to the items in the room, the compensation amount will be deducted from the deposit according to the compensation standard.


2. Student shall reside in the assigned rooms. Unauthorized exchange of occupation of room is forbidden. If you have some special reason to exchange the room, you should apply at the FSO. It is allowed to exchange the rooms after you get the approval, and then return the original room key to the dormitory affairs office (International dormitory No.2, Room 316).


3.There are single rooms and double rooms. In principle, Confucius Institute Scholarship and exchange students will be assigned to Dormitory No.1, Government scholarship students will be assigned to Dormitory No.2.


4. In principle, exchange students and scholarship students will be assigned to double rooms. If exchange students and scholarship students want to apply for single rooms, the difference between the single and double rooms should be paid.



5. Principally, all the students should live in the dormitory in campus. If needed, students can apply for living off-campus (including exchange students and scholarship students) after getting the permission of the FSO and fill out all the procedures. From that day on, it is not allowed to apply to live in the dormitory again for one school year. Any exchange and scholarship students found occupying the dormitory just for temporary rest or noon break will lose the housing privileges.

When apply for living off-campus, students should submit required documents to Foreign Students Office, including Application Form for Living Off-Campus, and Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals. Any change in living address should be reported to the local police station in time and the Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals which should be issued again and resubmitted to Foreign Students Office.Cooperate with university staff when visit to students’ residence off-campus is needed according to the information of Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals submitted by students.


6. If there are vacant double rooms, the students can take students who want to live together to the office and handle the formalities, or the FSO arrange the roommates. Accommodations for couples and families are not available.


7. As for the students who have graduated from our university or finished their study here should check out and leave school within a week. University will not provide accommodations any more, and university reserves the right to dispose of any item which is left after students check out.


8. Students living in the accommodation should pay the fee in full at once prior to assignment before the beginning of the semester. Failure to timely payment will lead to loss of housing privileges.


9. Keep the room and public areas quiet and clean. The school properties such as furniture and public facilities should be well protected. Drilling or driving nails into the wall or posting on the wall are prohibited. Pets are not allowed including raising poultry in the dormitory. No Smoking in the whole dormitory building or in the room. Personal belongings are not allowed to be placed in the public areas. Keep the corridor unobstructed. Students’ transportation vehicles should be parked at designated place, and should not be brought in the dormitory buildings.


10. Pay attention to saving water and electricity, turn off the electricity when leaving room. Open fire including lighting candles and burning of any materials are forbidden in the whole building.

All the electrical appliances including electric blanket, electric stove, electric heater, electric cooker, induction cooker, microwave oven, hair drier and so on are not allowed to be used in dorm except computer, refrigerator and desk lamp. All the electrical appliances prohibited to be used will be confiscated once found.


11. Personal valuables should be properly kept. In case of any loss of properties, students shall immediately report to the local police and foreign student office in order to deal with in on time.


12. When the room facilities need to repair, students should go to the dormitory affairs office (International dormitory No.2, Room 316) and apply for repairing in time. Telephone Number: 0433-2436569


13. Students should provide convenience and cannot refuse to cooperate when the dormitory management staffs if need to go into the rooms for the sake of routine check. Unauthorized change or installation of door locks is prohibited.


星期一~星期四22:00                   星期五~星期日23:00

14. Closing time of dormitory:

Monday to Thursday–22:00     Friday to Sunday—23:00


会客室的利用时间 6:30–22:00

15. Dormitory carries out closed-off management, the person who is not living in the dormitory are not allowed to entry. Please tutor or meet visitors at the library or reception room which is downstairs of the office room.


16. In case of special reasons, families or relatives of students need to live in the dormitory, please come and apply at the Foreign Students’ office, they can live in the dormitory after permission.






17. Price of international dormitory

(1)4400rmb/semester/single room

(2)8000rmb/2 semester/single room

(3)1000rmb/month/single room

(4)80rmb/day/single room/person

18. Foreign students are required to abide by the above accommodation regulations. Twice violations of the regulations will result in loss of housing privileges and students need to move out in time, the remaining amount of dormitory fee will not be refunded.


19. School can punish the students who have disobeyed the management according to the rules of Specific Punishment Regulations for Students Abroad in YBU. The punishment for serious cases is expulsion.


附件:公寓内设施赔偿价格表Attachment: Compensation standard of the loss or damage to the dormitory items


品名ITEM 价格人民币 (RMB) 品名ITEM 价格人民币(RMB)
电视机Television 1600 遥控器Remote Control 30
电视柜TV bench 180/个 钥匙Original Key 30
桌子Desk 350/个 椅子/个Chair/per 280
床Bed 500/个 书架/个 350
被子Quilt 230 被罩Bookshelf/per 180
褥子Mattress 160 床单Quilt cover 120
枕芯Pillow 80 枕套Pillow case 90
窗帘Curtain 280 镜子Mirror 180
座便器Toilet stool 900 座便器盖Toilet lid 50
洗脸盆Lavatory 350 水龙头Tap 260
淋浴器设施Shower facilities 980 下水管Drainpipe 30
电插座Electric plug 50/个 网插座Internet Plug 50



  Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of Yanbian University


May, 2015

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